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Wellsprings was founded upon one purpose: to transform the recovery process for every guest who chooses one of our centers as a means to get back to life. At Wellsprings, our goal is to empower guests and rehabilitate them back to their personal best and our therapeutic solutions remain the optimal fit for most rehabilitation and recovery needs. Our revolutionary healthcare centers are powered by the professionals, providers and people whose primary goal is to put the guests - and their loved ones - first. 

Wellsprings develops multi-disciplinary, integrated healthcare centers that provide comprehensive and concise health assessments, solutions for patient care, treatments and healing for the overall enhancement and quality of one’s life. To achieve this, Wellsprings has assembled a unique team of diverse and specialized healthcare professionals dedicated to bridging the gap between assessment, treatment and patient outcome.


The Wellsprings Theatre Centers are focused on one goal - to help guests live again. Wellsprings pairs cutting edge technology with a safe environment to ensure a healthy and speedy recovery.


At Wellsprings our vision is to identify and serve our narrow niche market by providing the tools, multi-disciplinary therapies and progressive care in a healing environment – all while successfully fulfilling our mission daily. Ongoing patient recovery and satisfaction is accomplished through the Wellsprings purpose, people, environment, and technology. We will continue to improve, adapt, adopt and execute.

Why Wellsprings

Wellsprings Therapy Center understands a life worth living - is all about living it. Full life and full living means unrestricted mobility, reliance upon key relationships, bolstered independence and so much more. The Wellsprings model puts you on a restorative, life-enhancing path towards action, wellness and functional independence. Our individually focused programs promote productivity, purpose and bolster the necessary freedoms required to act upon your own goals, dreams and aspirations.

At Wellsprings, our goal is to empower guests and rehabilitate them back to their personal best. Wellsprings redefines the optimal answer for most rehabilitation and recovery needs. Our Healthcare Centers are powered exclusively by the professionals, providers and people that put guests first. We integrate the highest quality of care, from entry to exit, and make measurable differences for guests and their loved ones through unparalleled, multi-disciplinary treatment. Our solutions for treatment and healing provide unprecedented, caring enhancement - to improve the overall quality of one's recovery. At Wellsprings, you are not just a number but our most special guest - and we welcome the opportunity to walk this challenging path with you and your loved ones.