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The architecture of every Wellsprings center begins with the guest in mind - our focus is simple and patient centered. At Wellsprings, our collective years of experience in the healthcare and rehabilitation industry led our team to design and build next-generation centers that transform the recovery process. The Wellsprings focus and vision is obvious from entry to exit. The Wellsprings environment is warm and inviting and meant to break the more traditional institutional healthcare model. For every guest, the recovery continuum can vary. Every guest's needs are different, which will ultimately dictate the length of time a guest will spend at a Wellsprings Center. Hospitals and recovery centers can vary as well.  We have seen the alternatives which is why Wellsprings Centers are different. Wellsprings avails some of the best therapeutic staff and technologies in the industry for patient recovery, which is primary. Our designers built healthy ambiance and warmth into the Wellsprings environment - knowing it can enhance the healing process.


Our full service salon offers hair and nail care for our guests. Feel rested and energized after your morning therapy session with anyone of our salon services.


How can we help you recover and get back to life? When you visit a Wellsprings Center, you will feel at ease, whether you are a guest, relative or loved one. Our environment is inviting, healing, refreshing, empowering and intimate for guests, visitors and families.  Our added touches like therapeutic massages are available for guests and family members to enjoy during their stay. We know feeling good from the inside outis an important part of your recovery process.


Enjoy access to the Library for private family functions. The room can be reserved by guests to celebrate a special occasion, or simply enjoy quiet time with family during the recovery process.


Need to stay connected?  Wellsprings Therapy Centers offer free Wi-Fi services throughout all of our buildings.  There is also a computer located in the bistro for daily use to help make communication between family and friends simple and fast.  Enjoy our bistro for a quick bite to eat or refreshing soft drink… or pre-order a meal and dine in with your loved ones. We pride ourselves on our elegant, sophisticated, organized, contemporary and streamlined atmosphere. It was our intention to raise the bar, but in doing so, we had to consider comfort, privacy, space and affordability - to be inclusive, not exclusive. Consider this an open invitation to visit one of our locations and see for yourself why Wellsprings will make a difference in recovery and returning you, or a loved one, back to a healthier life.