Our Services

Our revolutionary approach to healthcare management and rehabilitative services Is an asset for everyone

Traditional Therapy

Helping guests get back to an autonomous, healthy life and restoring normal functionality through physical,

occupational and speech therapies.

Next-generation health care recovery

Dedicated rehabilitation therapists and skilled nurses

Improved recovery timeline and outcome

We provide state-of-the-art facilities, above-standard care, innovative technologies and the best trained professionals.

Targeted Therapies

Wound Care

Aquatic Therapy

We understand a life worth living – is all about living it. Full life and full living means unrestricted mobility, reliance upon key relationships, bolstered independence and so much more.

The fastest healing

Our facilities offer a customized state-of-the-art aquatic pool designed to use resistance of water to promote healing.

Gain without pain

It improves posture, flexibility, strength, balance, aerobic endurance and gait, while inhibiting pain and muscle spasm.

Rehabilitation started immediately

We properly dress a wound for the water environment allowing guests to start the healing and rehabilitative process faster.

Modern infrastructure and integrated technologies

Our systems allow doctors, therapists and case managers to spend more time on patient recovery than “old school, chart-dependent” data entry.



Our facilities are warm and inviting and meant to break the more traditional institutional healthcare model. Every guest's needs are different, which will ultimately dictate the length of time a guest will spend at our centers. Our designers built healthy ambience and warmth into the Wellsprings environment - knowing it can enhance the healing process.


Our full service salon offers hair and nail care for our guests. Feel rested and energized after your morning therapy session with any of our salon services.


Enjoy access to the Library for private family functions. The room can be reserved by guests to celebrate a special occasion, or simply enjoy quiet time with family during the recovery process.


We offer free Wi-Fi services throughout all of our buildings. Enjoy our bistro for a quick bite to eat or pre-order a meal and dine in with your loved ones. We pride ourselves on our elegant but comfortable atmosphere.

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